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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I wanted to post on Sunday, then on Monday....ahhh, so busy.  Yes, it's Tuesday and I'm soon off for a hike, Sears to get Steve some sneakers, study, then off to volunteer in Maggie's class.  No sign of school work on the schedule. With 3 weeks left, I am so good at procrastination.

Tomorrow off to the dentist with Matt in the morning to consider getting a bite block for night time to prevent clenching his jaw.  This poor kid.  He seems to have started this again since stopping the ADD meds.  His anxiety shows in such various ways.  Need to call the psychiatrist today and let her know.  Not sure what she can do, but his dr. wants me to let her know.

Found out that Matt hasn't been handing in his assignments again, much like last year.  Did better with this task on ADD meds.  So, I sent an email today asking that each teacher check in with him to see what assignments they can find in his backpack.  I just can't wait for this IEP to start.  Such craziness to have to wait 60 days.  Meanwhile.....Matt continues to suffer and stress.  Me, too.

The winds continue today.  Yesterday's walk was windy and chilly, today will be, too.  Burns more calories :0). 

Getting ready to post pics of my hike yesterday, plus others.  Need to creat an album.  Haven't figured that out yet.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Last night was the first time Matthew fell asleep on his own in years.  He just laid in his bed and sacked.  Taking him off of his ADD meds has been pretty successful.  It was really making him to agitated.  Focused, yes, but depressed and frustrated, too.  So much for that, for now.

Printing off free, new patterns this morning for knitting and crochet projects.  Love doing that.  Checking up on Facebook posts and friends.

Trying to finish this incredible book the boys' therapist gave me called "Unstrange Minds", by Roy Richard Grinker, about his autistic daughter and how autism is handled throughout the world.  It's an amazing read.  Need to finish it this weekend so I can get it back to Jon.  Plan too look for a copy from Amazon.

It is very windy, so we can't take advantage of the free day at the Denver Zoo.  We plan to go to the free day at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, as long as Maggie's cold doesn't get worse.  I dread if it does.  The boys don't handle disappointment too well.  I thought Luis would be off, but he had taken a shift and not written it down.  Oh well.  Will see tomorrow.

Saw a station wagon parked in front of my house this morning.  Looked like he was taking a photo.  He quickly drove off,.....creepy.

On weekends I just want to relax, I want to exercise, but lately Maggie has been having a hard time doing anything without me.  The winds are high, but it's 60 degrees.  A great day to hike, not something I could get the boys to do, though.

I am a bit worn out by the week, actually.  Finally got a paper done for one class, barely studied Statistics, and handled many issues with school abut the boys.  I just want to veg and knit.