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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Chicken pox?

My dear little girl may have the chicken pox.  She has already had a challenging week in her strong attempt to get through her first week back to school.  She was vaccinated, so it shouldn't be as bad as I had it as a kid.  My sister and I had it together during a winter snow storm.

Thankfully I have some great prescription anti-itch cream on hand.  We only had the pink chalomine lotion when I was a kid, which didn't help at all.  I often had sore muscles as a kid and relied on Absorbine Junior to get relief.  I thought it would also resolve my chicken pox itch.  I screamed and cried until my mom gave in, the screamed and cried because it stung so much.

After a brief staffing, we all decided to shorten eldest's day.  He can now decide to stay for lunch or come home.  Hoping this is temporary, but better than a home bound program.  Crocheting a rainbow blanket to keep me coming.

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