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Friday, June 29, 2018

Really Beyond Hot....

Oh my, 102 is really hot.  It was 105 in Denver yesterday.  I grew up on the east coast, so temperatures pretty well matched how hot it was, humidity making it worse.  Here in Colorado, being a mile closer to the sun, 70 degrees can feel like 80-85 degrees.  So you can imagine what 102 must feel like.  There are many fires burning in Colorado now, which makes the sky smokey and the air smoggy.  No fun for asthmatics like me.  Ah, enough complaining.  Today will be 95 and tomorrow will be only 70!!!  A day of much needed rain and then the heat is on again.  Keeping my potted plants alive has been such a challenge.  Some sun loving flowers are in the shade because of the heat.  I crocheted a lot yesterday, took my son for an x-ray of his ankle, which is fine after spraining it weeks ago; went to physical therapy for my hip where cupping has been a huge help.  No bruising, so that's nice.  Got the dogs out at 6am this morning for a walk, which has been less painful with the cupping!

I can't remember the name of the flowers in the top picture.  But, they have been incredibly heat resistant and very showy.  The flowers all close in the evening and open by mid morning.  I love them.  I've even been able to root a few and plant them in other pots.

The bottom picture are the heat-dried flowers.  They may survive.  We'll see!!  Happy Friday!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

It's Hot!

It's a beautiful morning here in sunny Colorado, but when it's in the 90s it's so incredibly hot.  It'll be 100 on Saturday.  Yuck.  Below is a botanical art painting I did recently.  The roots still need some work and more touching up in places.  But, I'm proud of it.    I have plans to paint a bird this week.  I'm not sure why I like painting birds so much.  But, I do.  Have a lovely day!

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Pretty Kitty

This is my favorite painting this year.  It's not botanical, but I was so touched by a picture of this kitty, that I needed to paint it.  They eye "liner" is a bit dark, but I think it gives a focal point. 

I'm also working on a crochet shrug that I found on Lion Brand's website.  It's Vanna'ls Glamour Bridal Shrug, pattern number L32000.  I'm using a white cotton yarn because I plan to wear it with summer dresses.

I really like this pattern because it's a lot of repeats.  I'm better at knitting garments than crocheting, but I think this one will turn out well.  I spent the morning flipping over the pool and folding it because it's too late in the season to open it.  So I threw down some grass seed where it sat.  It's supposed to rain today, so...perfect timing.  I also  planted two rose bushes that I got for $5 each!!  Busy morning! 

Friday, June 22, 2018

A Beautiful Picture.....

I was able to catch this the other morning.  It's so arid here in Colorado, but after a morning rain, water drops were hanging in suspension.  I love it.  Now, I am going to challenge myself and try painting it.  Ms. M. and I had a long talk yesterday on how to paint the water droplets.  She's so artistic and just pulls solutions for painting out of her head.

Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

My Favorite Present Moment Reminder



What prompted my return is when I saw that people from Bloglovin' started following me.  I though, wow, followers?  I know that I've been disappointed when I went to follow a blog and it turned out that the blogger had stopped blogging.

OK, so, a lot has changed, and a lot for the better!  I will call my boys Mr. 19 and Mr. 17, and my daughter Ms. 14.  Mr. 19 and Mr. 17 are on the autism spectrum.  All have anxiety, but Ms. 14 suffers from it the most.

Mr. 17 just graduated from high school.  Mr. 19 was home schooled for his junior and senior year and is now in a continuation program for students with IEPs in the school system.  Ms. 14 was home schooled for about 3 years and is heading to high school this fall.

We have 2 dogs, Mr. D. and Ms. K, 2 cats, Mr. A., and Ms. S.  And a bearded dragon, Mr. Draco.  Wow!  That's actually a step down from also having birds, a rat, a mouse, and we still have a few fish.

Mr. L. is my husband who works astronomical hours so that I could stay home with the kids over the many years of needed support.

I went back to work a month ago, but just got laid off.  Ugh.  Another story.

I love knitting and crocheting, and I also take classes in botanical water color art.  I'll post paintings as I go along.  I really love how meditative painting is.

I've had 14 surgeries on my left foot and 2 on my right foot, so getting in shape has been challenging.  I'm doing physical therapy now so I can re-learn how to walk and decrease hip pain from walking awkwardly.

I love flowers and spring and summer are my absolute favorites.  I am still learning how to garden in arid Colorado.  It's always a challenge, but really just requires a lot of water!!  More soon......