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Wednesday, June 20, 2018


What prompted my return is when I saw that people from Bloglovin' started following me.  I though, wow, followers?  I know that I've been disappointed when I went to follow a blog and it turned out that the blogger had stopped blogging.

OK, so, a lot has changed, and a lot for the better!  I will call my boys Mr. 19 and Mr. 17, and my daughter Ms. 14.  Mr. 19 and Mr. 17 are on the autism spectrum.  All have anxiety, but Ms. 14 suffers from it the most.

Mr. 17 just graduated from high school.  Mr. 19 was home schooled for his junior and senior year and is now in a continuation program for students with IEPs in the school system.  Ms. 14 was home schooled for about 3 years and is heading to high school this fall.

We have 2 dogs, Mr. D. and Ms. K, 2 cats, Mr. A., and Ms. S.  And a bearded dragon, Mr. Draco.  Wow!  That's actually a step down from also having birds, a rat, a mouse, and we still have a few fish.

Mr. L. is my husband who works astronomical hours so that I could stay home with the kids over the many years of needed support.

I went back to work a month ago, but just got laid off.  Ugh.  Another story.

I love knitting and crocheting, and I also take classes in botanical water color art.  I'll post paintings as I go along.  I really love how meditative painting is.

I've had 14 surgeries on my left foot and 2 on my right foot, so getting in shape has been challenging.  I'm doing physical therapy now so I can re-learn how to walk and decrease hip pain from walking awkwardly.

I love flowers and spring and summer are my absolute favorites.  I am still learning how to garden in arid Colorado.  It's always a challenge, but really just requires a lot of water!!  More soon......

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