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Monday, July 2, 2018

Monday, Monday, Can't Help That Day...

I have really enjoyed painting birds lately.  I miss the beautiful birds of the northeast.  Here in Colorado they are few and far between in variety.  The next bird painting I will work on is this:
I found this on Instagram.  Credit to:  jeffreypkarnes_birds, St. Augustine, FL.  I love the challenge of the points and details, and I love the bird's colors!!  I've drawn onto paper, need to get painting.

Poor Mr. M. has been working for almost 6 weeks and hasn't gotten a paycheck yet.  His work is funded through a non-profit and somehow things have gotten screwed up.  He said he likes his job and that he can be patient.  Oh, but it must be disappointing.  He's such a good sport.

It has been twenty years of marriage to Mr. L on the 4th.  Time has flown.  I am missing the things we have done with the kids that they are no longer interested in doing.  Swimming at pools together, park visits, science museum trips.  Those experiences now include ComicCon weekends, going out to dinner, and a family trip each summer.  I love these new experiences, I just miss the old times, too.

Have a lovely Monday!!

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