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Friday, November 30, 2018

Yay for Friday!!!

I am working on an ear warmer head band for a Christmas gift.  It's a combination of a pattern I have and some changes due to the yarn thickness.  I'm using an H crochet needle because it's for Ms. L and she needs to be kept extra warm.  She runs cold, so I'm hoping that the close knit stitches do just that.

I'm so glad it's Friday.  Tomorrow I'll go to my botanical painting class and then on to a local craft show with a friend.  And then on Sunday we will put up our new, yes fake, Christmas tree.  It's so dry here in Colorado, that real trees dry out easily.  Last year we chopped down a tree and it lasted forever.  The fresher the tree, the longer it lasts, I learned.

Today I hope to finish the ear warmer head band, block it and get it off to Ms. L. for Christmas.  It'll depend on how much driving I need to do today.

Have a lovely Friday!!! 💝

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