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Friday, December 28, 2018


I was knitting and crocheting like crazy before Christmas.  I crocheted a scarf for my sister's boyfriend in one day.  The strategy???  A big crochet needle and thick yarn.  We were supposed to see them on Christmas night, but they were sleepy.  Not for naught, I will unwrap it and add fringe to each ends.

It will look much better with some fringe, won't it??

Then there is this experimental infinity scarf.
It is being done with two different yarn weights.  The darker pink is from a monthly yarn box.  It's silk and lovely, but not really enough yarn to make something.  So I added the light pink, or I'm in the process, and plan to make it an infinity scarf.  Well, after blocking, I'll have to see how it drapes.

I haven't touched the warm mittens that I showed previously, but I need to!  It's only 10 degrees this morning!!!

Christmas was fun and the teens are off until the 7th.  Lots of down time to knit and paint.  I gave this to my mom for Christmas.  Well, it's not sent yet.  I needed to frame it and then find a box, etc.  UPS wanted $35 to send it to the northeast.  Oh my.  I'll take it to the post office today.
Love, Heather

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