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Monday, January 28, 2019

Hello and Welcome New Followers!!!

I am so excited to have new followers!!  Welcome, welcome.  I have been terribly busy lately.  We decided to replace our old minivan with a relatively new one.  Wow! What a difference.  It got a ride in the snow this morning.  😊

Here are some botanical water color works in progress:

I am so challenged by these two flowers.  My art teacher teased me because I'm doing the leaves first and saving the hard part for last.  I joked with her, saying I am still contemplating my plan.  Ha ha.

But then I realized that that's what I am doing!  I'm thinking long and hard on how I am going to manage the hydrangea and the rose.  I will try not to be a perfectionist.😊😆

I was so lucky to find this hyacinth bulb already in a vase at Walmart a few weeks ago. It was barely in bloom when I picked it up and then within days it was in full bloom and full aroma!!  Ahhh the smell of hyacinth in January just made me so happy.  I spend a lot of time doing dishes and this is perfect aroma therapy for a boring task.  Next, I plan to create a painting of the hyacinth. I have taken pictures of it from different angles to get the most of the details.

I will be so sad when it stops emitting its incredible scent.

Next post will be about knitting, crocheting and other info!!

Have a wonderful Monday!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Happy New Year!!!!

Hello, hello!!  Happy New Year!!

I made a new ear warmer for my niece, The Crochet Griddle Stitch Winter Headband by Repeat Crafter Me.  The pinkish purple one is for my sister, I can't remember where I got that pattern, and the scarf for her boyfriend, which I made myself.

It totally worked out that we didn't see each other on Christmas because I really wanted to add fringe to the scarf and create something new for my niece.  I had already made a beret for my niece for her birthday, which was in November. She had been traveling for a few months. I hope to get things to her this week.

The kids go back to school on the 7th and I can think of so many things I had wanted to do while they were off, but didn't get to.  Yet, I am proud of what I have accomplished.  My plan was to work on a new project, The Harper Wool Jacket.  I really like this pattern and hope to complete it before spring!!  Go take a look. It's so pretty and simple.  I emailed Sabina because it was hard to find Size 19 circular needles that measure 60 inches.  She said the 60 inches wasn't necessary; that she liked that length so she could try the jacket while in process.

Have a great, crafty day!!!

Love, Heather