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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Spring Please!!!!

Oh spring, where are you?  It has been below zero for the last 3 mornings with just a few inches of snow.  The furnace isn't keeping up and the warranty company is giving me a headache.

These pictures are from Flower Patch Farmhouse.  I get their newsletter by email and I plan on ordering some seeds from them this year.  I have never been very lucky with morning glories, mostly because the Colorado soil is like mud/cement and really isn't conducive to much but drought tolerant plants.  The best thing to do is plant in raised beds with store-bought soil.

Vegetables don't do too badly in cement soil.  Peas, carrots and kale actually do quite well.  There is a lot of clean up to do in the back yard and in the gardens.  It's overwhelming.  I spent most of fall in the hospital and wasn't able to get anything done.

I am making my way with the The Harper Wool Jacket.  On big needles with thick wool, I can only do so much at a time.  I've separated the sleeves and am now working on the body.  More updates soon!

It's been a quiet morning as the kids and the dogs have slept in.  Off to botanical painting class!!

Take care, Heather

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