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Monday, February 4, 2019

Beautiful Colors for Spring Crocheting

These are my new favorite colors!!  I was so excited when I found this Lionbrand Mandela yarn called Pegasus.  I'm making a light weight blanket with this yarn to match my dream decor below!

Although there have been a few issues with this yarn, which surprised me.  First, if you enlarge the picture you can see that in the lightest peach section, there are a few blue stitches.  I am pretty bummed about that because it makes the blanket look like it's a bit dirty in that spot.

Another issue was that there was a knot where three pieces of yarn intertwined.  Once it got the knot undone, it was a 5 inch piece of yarn tangled on two ends of the yarn skein. I've never seen that before.

Then, as I was crocheting away, I bumped into a a section of yarn that had dwindled down to 1 ply.  Ugh.

I'm very attached to these colors and I like the yarn texture, so I will forge ahead!!!

I so love these colors by Ace Hardware and want to use them to freshen up my living room.  Ahhh, painting, not my favorite task.  I think I can stay motivated enough though because I love the color combination so much!!

Below is my winter hyacinth bulb that I had found at Walmart and brought me so much joy and aroma therapy whilst doing the dishes.  My mom said to "give the bulb a rest" and then plant it in the back yard.  I'm not sure how long to "rest" the bulb, I think a few weeks or so.

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Back soon, Heather

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