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Friday, August 9, 2019

Painting and Garden Goodies

This summer I have just been obsessed with botanical painting.  It's a peaceful break from my barking dogs and other demands like cleaning, grocery shopping, worrying, etc.  I even got brave enough to enter my paintings into the Boulder County Fair, in which I received an honorable mention ribbon for an artichoke painting.

Sorry, not the greatest picture.  I was shocked and elated to get any recognition at all.  It just made my day and encouraged me to keep refining my skills.

I am also just loving my porch flowers.  It's taken all day to get this post done because of server problems somewhere out there.

Below is my tiny veggie garden.  Zucchini, pumpkins, sugar snap peas and purple string beans!!  A lot in a small plot.

Here is one grape vine.  There is another on the other pole on the porch.  It's been a very strange spring and summer here in Colorado.  Spring was cold and rainy!!  That never happens.  Summer has been mostly hot with more rain than usual.  When it's hot, like in the 90s or 100s, I have to water the plants twice a day.

Well, that's a lot of pictures!!!  More soon!  Bye for now.

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