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Sunday, November 15, 2020

More Paintings

Just finished this painting.  I added the butterfly because of a smudge of purple paint.  I love it though.  Things have been busy and worrisome, for everyone.  I had to get a COVID test a few weeks back, having had some, but not all of the symptoms.  It was negative, thankfully.  My sister and niece got tested this past week.  Everyone is on edge.  Rumor has it Colorado or at least our country, will do a two week shutdown.

Be careful out there!!

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Cheery Flowers

Feeling down with all that’s going on in the world. I’m worried about so many things and so many people. I tried starting a new crochet 🧶 project, but couldn’t get into it. I waited for a thunderstorm to pass and then went to find my car. It was a dry storm so back to watering in the hopes of getting my hydrangeas to bloom this year. The painting above is of flowers on my front porch. The flowers are so happy. So painting them helped a bit. 

This painting just screams love and hope. 

I love peony buds. When they open they have such a peaceful presence. And they can be tough to pain when in bloom. Still working on that.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Back to Basics

Hello folks. Thank you new followers for checking in!!

My journey into loose watercolor has brought me back to the basics.

I found a similar painting as the one above on Pinterest. The artist demonstrated how she works the water and paint to create this effect. I thought, Yes!  If I can get used to using the paint and water together by letting the paint run, it would help build loose watercolor skills.

I decided to stay with sea life. It’s quick and very relaxing!!

Otherwise school is over for Miss M and now it feels like it’s just a day at a time until I see if the boys can get jobs. With so much unemployment I feel that the competition will be fierce. They both get support through vocational rehab though, so we’ll see.

Stay well!! ❤️

Tuesday, May 19, 2020


I have been in love with the magic of watercolor painting since I was very young. Most of my life has been spent chasing this medium. And yes, in my 50s I am challenged again. After taking a Botanical painting class, I fell in love. It took many years of practice and then more years of raising my kids and not practicing. A near death experience and poof! I’m back in the saddle painting every day. Paintings hang on many walls and many more are piled and waiting for frames.

I am trying like crazy to learn loose watercolor painting. I watch many talented YouTuber artists who are generous enough to share their talents. I get discouraged when I can’t pull off a peony or a rose on loose watercolor but I am determined.

Here are some of my loose watercolor attempts with the help of YouTuber Emma Levebre.

And then today I reverted back to botanical painting to take a step back into the familiar. 
I found a version of this on Instagram. I love strawberries and it felt great to feel more at ease with painting. But I will continue my attempt to conquer loose watercolor!!

Friday, February 14, 2020

Love ❤️

Well it’s been, oh geez, four months since my last post. Working a lot, painting a lot, knitting a little and having no time to clean my house. By choice I suppose. I enjoy painting more.

This is one of my favorite mugs. This is loose watercolor, a medium I’m trying to master. It’s slow going and quite intimidating, but I keep trying. Working tonight and then to art class tomorrow. Will post more and soon. 

Spread the love ❤️ today!!