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Tuesday, May 19, 2020


I have been in love with the magic of watercolor painting since I was very young. Most of my life has been spent chasing this medium. And yes, in my 50s I am challenged again. After taking a Botanical painting class, I fell in love. It took many years of practice and then more years of raising my kids and not practicing. A near death experience and poof! I’m back in the saddle painting every day. Paintings hang on many walls and many more are piled and waiting for frames.

I am trying like crazy to learn loose watercolor painting. I watch many talented YouTuber artists who are generous enough to share their talents. I get discouraged when I can’t pull off a peony or a rose on loose watercolor but I am determined.

Here are some of my loose watercolor attempts with the help of YouTuber Emma Levebre.

And then today I reverted back to botanical painting to take a step back into the familiar. 
I found a version of this on Instagram. I love strawberries and it felt great to feel more at ease with painting. But I will continue my attempt to conquer loose watercolor!!

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